Burglary Protection Doors


There are objects of value in all areas of your company, requiring protection against theft. Eftcg burglary protection doors provide necessary security between offices or at entrances to production facilities.

Conventional doors can be broken open within seconds using a simple lever. With strong security fittings, non-drillable security locks and robust locking mechanisms on the doors,Eftcg solutions prevent violent entry and thus protect you against financial loss or the loss of intellectual property. 

Security means one thing for Eftcg: protection in every area.

  • burglar protection tested to DIN V ENV 1627 and DIN EN 1627
  • resistance Classes WK2/RC2, WK3/RC3 and RC 4
  • with top panels and fanlights in brickwork and dry lined walls
  • combination of WK2/RC2 and WK3 with T30 and T90
  • execution with steel frame, solid wood frame and surrounding wooden frame
  • solid glazing in WK2/RC2 and WK3/RC3